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CastleDay's Warhill is an online multiplayer game using PlayFab. We took a satirical twist on the Battle Royale genre - it is literally King of the Hill. As a player you must race to capture the golden crown that lets you TRANSFORM in to the powerful CastleDay's King or Queen.  All other players must rally together to knock the King (or Queen) off the WarHill!

The longer you keep the crown the more points you gather! The player with the most points at the end of the 10 minute match wins the game!

Even better, there are some pretty amazing jokes in this game! From our hearts to your heart enjoy the game and have FUN! Thank you for your support and all our amazing viewers on Twitch!!

Install instructions

Download the zip file and extract to a directory. Run the CastleDaysWarHill.exe and the game will start. You will need to register an account to play.

The game starts as a race to capture the golden pot, the first player that touches the royal treasure will TRANSFORM in to a CastleDay Royal - the King or Queen. From here, all players must rally together and knock the Royal off the Hill. The longer you hold the treasure, the more points you gather. The server will restart a fresh match every 10 minutes.

F6 to quit
Shift to fly
Left Click to auto attack
Right click for burst attack
When King or Queen, Q to cringe joke!

CastleDay's WarHill was fully programmed in Blueprints and utilized PlayFab as a hosting platform. All programming and world building was complete in the 5 day period. We were live on Twitch for the majority of the competition - https://www.twitch.tv/gamedevbeauty/videos/all

Music by John Leonard French:


StarkGaming_CastleDaysWarHill.zip 781 MB


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